A Brief Review of the Cosmic Theology Paradigm

©2006 by W. L. Graham

This summary of the Cosmic Theology paradigm is provided for readers who may want a quick overview of the seminal treatise, “On the Wings of Angels: The Extraterrestrial Theology of the Hebrew Record” (also referred to as Wings Treatise) as posted on the Bible Reality Check website. Although the intent of this review is to assist the reader to better understand the core concepts which inform other works, serious students and Bible scholars may be better served by a review of the entire manuscript. The treatise offers a thorough exegesis of over two hundred biblical references with a non-traditional view of Bible scripture and other historic religious texts. However, Cosmic Theology is not confined within any cultural or geo-religious boundaries.

The Wings Treatise points out that the devotees of every diverse religion on Earth, historically separated by time, geography, and culture, all ascribe to their “sky gods” some common attributes. Irrespective of competing theologies and the identities and deification of various gods, or differing beliefs regarding their mission and activities, all ancient peoples believed in the cosmic origin, awesome power, and vehicular space travel of gods who visited earth in ancient times. It is also the universality of the belief in mankind’s genetic engineering by, and their historical interaction with, a humanoid extraterrestrial race that contributes significantly to the Cosmic Theology paradigm. The very idea that such beliefs arose spontaneously and experientially among all ancient cultures overwhelms all discussion pertaining to the origin of world religion.

While it is reasonable to speculate that at least some of those distinctions found within the various accounts of contact with either benevolent or malevolent gods may arise from encounters with diverse extraterrestrial species having quite different contact objectives, it seems quite likely that all of Earth’s ancient civilizations had their own independent encounters with the same progenitor race of humanoid extraterrestrials. It is also observed that there is not a single historical text from the ancient world that describes human evolution from an ape-like ancestry or one that depicts the rise of civilization as a gradually occurring human achievement entirely unassisted by extraterrestrial gods.

The careful and thorough exegesis of the biblical literature presented in the Wings Treatise reveals a trustworthy historical record of first-hand accounts of contact with an extraterrestrial citizenry of life-creators and terra-formers, the Ancient Warrior Priests who serve the cosmic empire of Yahweh, the Father God of the Bible. The following core assumptions are central to this thesis.

Particularly noteworthy is the biblical worldview pertaining to beings in the Elohim class (either righteous or evil) who have their abode in outer space but frequently visit or travel to earth. This view contradicts a popular myth that has the devil and demons residing in a nether-region called “hell”, a cultural view that did not originate in the Bible. The Cosmic Theology paradigm also overwhelms traditional “hellfire and damnation” doctrines through an accurate biblical exegesis, true to the original texts, that reveals the cosmic origin and earthly activities of extraterrestrial predators.

As the cosmic battle rages against Yahweh’s kingdom, each side has a special interest in the fate of humankind, even to the point of attempting to gain strategic geopolitical control over particular regions of the planet, as well as individuals, thus leading to a global conflagration described in apocalyptic prophecy. The “Wings Treatise” is a thorough, scholarly exegesis of the biblical Semitic and Greek language texts that should be on the must read list of every student of theology. You are invited to study the treatise now by clicking on this link.